Literacy & Food Project

We aim to improve literacy amongst the children of the Redhill community. We provide one meal a day for the children so they can concentrate on their homework.

The Redhill community came into being as an informal settlement more than 20 years ago located in a remote part of the Cape Peninsula. By its nature this settlement has very limited infrastructure and resources.

Several years ago Buyiswa Ponti started an informal library next door to her house, using the very limited resources at her disposal. She wanted to provide a place for children to appreciate reading and to do their homework after school.

Her efforts were acknowledged by a South African radio station as part of a Lead SA Project. This led to the establishment of a non-profit organisation, firstly to receive a donation in recognition of her work and for receiving future funding to continue her vision.

At around this time it became apparent that many Redhill learners were not getting the balanced nutrition, which is essential for proper learning. As a result the scope of the initial project was expanded to provide for at least one supplementary meal for learners. This has lead to what is now known as Redhill Literacy & Feeding Project (RLF).

At the moment the RLF fulfils helps with homework, while providing nutrition to Redhill learners to improve their future prospects.

Because of the remote location of Redhill in relation to the schools that learners attend, they have to rely on a school bus leaving immediately after school.

As a result there is no chance for the children to go to the school library and participate in extra-mural activities. This creates a need for volunteers to assist with homework, school assignments, essays and the like. 

Irrespective of their participation in these activities, all learners are assured of at least one solid meal before going to school the next day.