Literacy Project

Our mission is to improve literacy amongst the children and the adults of the Redhill community.

In 2017 we opened a Library, where kids can do their school homework as well as do English reading/writing lessons, if they are not taught this at school.

In 2018, we obtained 2nd hand PC’s and have started computer and internet classes as well.

The library is taken care of by a full time Librarian. 

Our Volunteers are working within the library every afternoon during term time helping children and adults with various tasks on the computer, maths, reading, homework and anything they can really help with.

Food Project

We aim to provide one meal a day for the children after school so they can concentrate on their homework.

There was a need for a homework area / library for the children to work. 

The school bus comes back to Redhlll once in the afternoon so there is no chance for the children to go to the school library and work. We then realised that they were really hungry and of course working on an empty tummy is really difficult. The children often had to wait til their parents were home from work to have dinner later.

Anneke and Buyiswa organise the buying of the mealie meal, vegetables and meat once a month to make up a big pot of stew for the children after school.

The children come and eat then do their homework. Every week more children pop in to have a small bowl of food. It is essential and sometimes this is the only meal for the whole day that the children have.