If you have a few hours or more and you would like to help some very nice people, who live in very poor circumstances with limited opportunities please get in touch with us at

Before you get involved we will take you up to Redhill to meet the people and see what we do. There are all sorts of activities where you could make a real benefit and difference.

Literacy side of project is based around the new library in Redhill.

For kids:

  • Pre-school reading club
  • Homework club for 6 to 12 years.

Kids can’t attend their school homework clubs as they need to be on the bus to get home. These kids have a school homework exercise book and we help them do their homework assignments.

For 13+ teenagers:

  • Internet club

Their homework is in the form of research projects and they use the internet to obtain the information they need. Sometimes they need help, but they are usually self sufficient.

Matric Preparation:

Help kids prepare for the exams that may change their destiny.

Educational Outings:

Most of the kids only get out of Redhill on the bus to school, so every so often, funds allowing, we do a trip to the museum, aquarium, Kirstenbosch gardens, etc.

For adults:

  • Computer and Internet Cafe – Some adults need to learn about computers, using email and other apps. Many use internet for finding and applying for jobs.
  • Life Skills training – Women’s Rights, Bank Acounts, using ATMs etc are classes we occasional run. We take many of these things for granted, but many in Redhill are very grateful for help with everyday matters.
  • Matric. Many adults are improving their education and doing their Matric.

Food side of our project is based around procuring food and preparing meals.

We need volunteers to collect, buy and deliver food to our cooks in Redhill.Currently we feed kids, but we want to help Mums and Babies, help desperate adults and families that suddenly hit trouble times. To do this we also need people who can find food or money donors or sponsors.

To recap, even if you only have a few hours a week, or can only do it for part of the year, Redhill will be very grateful for your help. Get in touch with us at