If you have a few hours or more and you would like to help some very nice people, who live in very poor circumstances with limited opportunities please get in touch with us at

Before you get involved we will take you to Redhill to meet the people and see what we do. There are all sorts of activities where you could make a real difference.

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The literacy side of the project is based around the new library in Redhill.

Learner support

Our volunteers assist primary school learners with basic reading for comprehension, elementary mathematics and writing skills.

High school learners receive assistance with specific assignments on life orientation and history.

There is further assistance with preparation for matriculation examinations for mathematics, physical and life sciences.

The food side of the project is based around providing one nutritious meal daily for the children of Redhill

Most importantly we need funds to buy nutritious porridge regularly.

RLF relies entirely on the generosity of our sponsors to maintain this effort.

To recap, if you’d like to sponsor a bag of porridge contact us at or DONATE now. For example, 1000 South African Rands (£45) buys a 25kg bag of porridge which feeds 200 kids for one day.

Even if you only have a few hours a week, or can only do it for part of the year, Redhill will be very grateful for your help. Get in touch with us at