As you can see Redhill is classed as an informal settlement. It is a very deprived and poor community. The nature of an informal settlement is it’s a temporary area, no brick houses and no tarmac roads. It grows incrementally every year. Because of it’s remote location, it’s very hard for the people to get to work and home and for the children to get to school and home, as they rely on 1-2 taxis and buses a day.

5 days a week we hand out portions of fortified porridge for the children to eat before the start of their school day. As the saying goes “one cannot learn properly on an empty stomach”.

We are very proud to say that our volunteers provide support to learners from grades 1-12 every school day.

Cooking for our 300 hungry stomachs

Our yearly Christmas Party ensures a gift pack and healthy snacks for our kids in Redhill

Christmas Party 2019 – The kids had a great time and LOVED their rucksacks full of goodies. In2Foods came up trumps with lots of muffins and biscuits as well as Food Lovers Market that donated 8 watermelons.

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